Customer Focus

We will make the satisfaction of customer’s needs our primary goal by working with customers to establish and surpass their requirements now and in the future. Effective communication arrangements have been established to assist with the feedback of information relating to the supply of product and the associates service. Information is analysed and used to continuously improve the company’s processes. It is our goal to be considered without hesitation, be recommended with confidence and become a first-choice provision for Graphic Design, Web Design, Bespoke Software Development and Digital Marketing.


Design, development and provision of bespoke solutions including graphic communications and web software.

Risk Based Approach

We have adopted a risk-based approach to quality management and achieve this by forward planning, monitoring risks, opportunities and compliance obligations of the quality management system. We actively monitor the needs and interests of relevant parties and issues that could affect the quality management system and its business objectives.


We will promote an environment that recognises the contribution of our staff to the success of the business and encourages their involvement and development. We will employ a forward thinking and innovative approach when considering how to reward our employees in our times of success and offer alternative incentives in which to make our company an attractive place of employment.


We will aim to consistently provide better products and services than our competitors in those markets in which we compete. We will not dilute our USP of creating only bespoke solutions.


We will provide the appropriate training and educational opportunities and resources to support the achievement of business objectives.

Responsibility for Quality

It is the responsibility of the senior management team to lead the ISO 9001:2015 and to involve all staff through a programme of continuous improvement and effective teamwork. The senior management team have taken responsibility and ownership for the quality management system and will ensure that the company adheres to this and its improvement moving forward. This Policy Statement is published and communicated to our employees, our clients and made available to any interested parties both in our common spaces in the studio and via a link on our website. At each management review, our performance in conforming to specified targets will be assessed and if necessary, measures taken to ensure they will be achieved.