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Workstation Dividing Screen 1200mm

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Workstation Dividing Screens are perfect for workplaces where social distancing is not possible. By using a clear workstation roll up screen, you can partition your workforce safely. The clear APET screen allows you to see each other and interact with your surroundings without being visually restricted by solid barriers.  The retractable safety screens are light enough to be easily repositioned to suit any office space or factory floor.  The screens can be used in hair salons to partition customers, restaurants to separate tables, offices to partition desks to act as a sneeze or cough guard. The clear protective screen also comes with social distance messages supplied that you can apply if needed. The messages are 297mm x 210mm.  We offer free artwork that you can download below, or if you would like to add a bespoke message to your screen you simply upload your artwork as you normally would when ordering. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the screens without any message supplied, simply select the option to email your artwork instead of the upload option when placing your order.  Include the reference ID displayed when you email us to let us know you do not require any social distance messages supplied.

Simply scroll down to Design Templates, click View Downloads and download your chosen pdf(s) by clicking on the red icon. After you have downloaded all of the files that you want to print, simply upload the file(s) when placing your order.

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