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Social Distancing Floor Stickers

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Social Distancing Floor Stickers Design and Printing in Qatar,

Why Choose Social Distancing Floor Stickers in Qatar

Printed with Green guard Gold Certified inks
Available in a variety of sticker materials (Super Matte, Permanent Matte, Carpet Matte and Industrial Textured Grit Outdoor)

Fully customizable with your very own custom design or choose from one of our pre-made designsAvailable in any shape and size
Produced in 2 business day

Can Be Applied to a Variety of Surfaces

Our floor decals can be applied to a wide range of floor surfaces like tile, wooden planks, vinyl, laminate, glass, smooth concrete and walls. Social Distancing Floor Stickers Printing in Qatar.

Multilingual Social Distancing Stickers

We offer pre-made designs in several languages and are happy to make free edits in any language you need. Email info@macawsqatar.com with your requirements! Social Distancing Floor Stickers Printing in Qatar.

Add Social Distancing Stickers on your Carpet in Qatar

Our Carpet Matte stickers are specifically designed for commercial carpet applications and are ideal for temporary solutions. They are residue-free, so your carpet will not be damaged after removing the sticker, and they are protected with the same anti-slip coating as our other social distancing stickers, making them completely safe.

Custom Printed Floor Strip Decals

Keep your customers and employees informed by marking your floors with custom printed floor strips. Floor strip stickers can be used inside or outside of all types of businesses like restaurants or grocery stores, and can help regulate long lines or implement proper distancing practices. Learn more about our Floor Strip Decals

Arrow Floor Stickers design and printing in Qatar

If you need an effective and easy way to direct traffic in your facility, then arrow decals are perfect for you! Arrow decals can guide individuals in places like grocery stores, hospitals, and warehouses, and double as a marker for proper distancing measures. Learn more about our Arrow Floor Stickers.

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