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Get your message out – loud and clear with our vinyl PVC banner printing solutions

Whether you’re advertising your event, exhibiting your product or wishing someone a happy birthday, our vinyl banners let everyone know what’s on your mind. Strong and long-lasting, we offer banner printing with photographic quality on our large format digital presses.

We use top-quality heavy 450gsm RipStop vinyl pvc banner material, which is extremely hardwearing, tear-resistant and waterproof so you can use it indoors or outdoors. As you would expect from us, we can produce your banner in many sizes. We use high-resolution vinyl printers that can cater for banners of all sizes.

When you order your banner you will have the choice of finishing with or without eyelets. For ease of hanging, we recommend you choose eyelets. They will be placed in each corner of your vinyl banner, while banners over 1.5 metres wide will have an eyelet roughly every 500mm.

Our cost-effective banners are perfect for outdoor advertising, exhibition stands, retail displays or personal messages for birthdays or weddings. Tear-resistant and waterproof banner printing for indoors or outdoors. Simply upload your artwork for vinyl banner printing!

(Please note we do not supply rope or cable ties with any banners)

Material options

450gsm RipStop PVC banner material

We use only top-quality 450gsm RipStop material for our banners, which is waterproof, long-lasting and rip/tear resistant. It is suitable for use indoors or outdoors and can be printed in a range of standard sizes. It can be finished with eyelets to help you display your banner in the location of your choice. We do not supply rope or cable ties with our banners.

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