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See Through Window Graphics

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See Through Window Graphics is a base material with a series of fine holes and self-adhesive backing – essentially it has a printed message on one side but is see-through from the other side! For example, if it is applied to the rear window of a car, van or bus, the driver is able to see out but those around will be able to read the advertising clearly.

It has many great uses: you can use it for vehicle windows, retail window graphics, bus shelters and phone boxes. See Through Window Graphics is printed with waterproof, lightfast inks and can be used outdoors.

As well as promoting your product or event, See Through Window Graphics can create privacy, reduce glare and UV light and safely identify glass panels. Please note that See Through Window Graphics do reduce available light, and there are some restrictions for use on vehicle windows. These graphics are for use on the outside of the glass only.

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