Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our Pay Per Click (PPC) agency will develop paid campaigns that nurture your bottom line, making Macaws the Perfect Choice (also PPC).

We get to know your business, industry and customers, to create targeted strategies that produce instant, traceable ROI.

Pay Per Click advertising is undoubtedly one of the best and quickest ways to get relevant and motivated traffic and sales to your website. As a PPC management agency, we use our knowledge of paid search marketing to develop and implement campaigns that help our clients achieve their sales and brand awareness goals.

PPC management services

Paid search advertising covers more than placing you at the top of search results. Using a winning combination of Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads and Remarketing, Macaws Qatar can make sure your website is visible at the exact moment your potential customers are searching for you on the biggest search engine advertising platforms in the world.

Google ads

We are experts in developing unique (not out of the box solutions) campaigns to increase brand awareness, enquiries and sales.

Display advertising

Using the Google Display Network (GDN), we advertise your organisation to a target audience within placements on hundreds of thousands of websites.

Google shopping

Want to create frictionless e-commerce and drive more sales? We use specific Google Ads to place your products at the top of the shopping result pages, getting you in front of motivated buyers.


One of the most profitable ways to advertise, remarketing means that your web visitors don’t forget who you are! We use Google Ads to produce targeted adverts that attract audiences that have previously engaged with your brand, pushing them to those all-important conversions.

Social media advertising

Our experts in social advertising create full-scale campaigns that engage with a target audience at different stages of the conversion funnel.

Landing page optimisation

Advertising won’t do anything for your conversion rate if your landing pages aren’t up the scratch. We create engaging landing pages that convert your visitors into loyal consumers.

the Macaws Qatar approach to paid search marketing


If you are already running pay per click advertisements, our digital marketing team will analyse your current pay per click strategy and activities. If you’re new to the PPC game, then we’ll get to know you, your goals and what success will look like for your campaigns.


Once we have completed your assessment and your current marketing activities, we will propose recommendations to heighten your pay per click campaigns. This will include in-depth industry research and keyword analysis to understand exactly who you should be targeting, and how.


It’s time to get down to business. Taking a step back from what is commonly perceived to be a daunting task, reveals that pay per click advertising isn’t scary at all. Everything to do with PPC is driven by data. Understanding this, our team of PPC specialists analyse data to implement and maintain multiple campaigns that deliver on specific conversion targets.


Constantly adjusting bidding strategies and testing user experience, we produce the best ROI possible to achieve short and long-term missions while engaging in competitive marketing spaces.

The PPC marketing landscape is always changing, but we never miss an opportunity to improve our performance. Our account management services include constant Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to ensure all aspects are contributing to the success of the overall Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.


At Macaws Qatar, you’re never more than a mere few weeks away from your next report. We translate data that can be confusing for business owners into tangible actions and insights into consumer behaviours. This enables us to constantly update your strategy and keep you ahead of the curve.

Our pay per click team are eagerly awaiting to implement your next project, so get in touch now to get ahead.