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Flat Unfinished Sheets

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We can provide you with flat unfinished sheets, with your design printed on SRA3+ paper, ideal for trade printing. This has the benefit of saving you money if you want to trim the paper yourself. If you are a trade print customer, or you have your own finishing equipment, you may wish to take advantage of our available capacity to produce untrimmed printed sheets, which you can finish to your own specifications. For example, you may wish to order business cards printed on flat unfinished sheets and use your own guillotine to cut them to size.

As you would expect, DigitalPrinting.co.uk offers you a great choice of options and you can upload many artwork versions in the same order.

We use our top quality HP Indigo presses to give you digital print with a litho look and feel, distinctive colour and quality. Choose from landscape or portrait, single or double-sided printed and an extensive choice of substrates from our range for flat unfinished sheets.

We print on flat sheets which are sized at 460mm x 320mm, however, the printable area is only 438 x 308mm*, which is why we have created the templates at that size. If creating your own artwork without the help of a template please ensure that your artwork stays within the printable area.

*If you select lamination the maximum printable area will be reduced to 438 x 300mm.

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