Cooperative Branding

More than just a logo. A concept, a style, a personality. A brand is your company as a whole.

Branding Agency in Qatar

A new brand that challenges and differentiates from the get go. Built upon a clearly crafted brand definition that will form the core from which all business and marketing activities can be aligned. In today’s visual and sophisticated age, branding is absolutely key to attain a competitive advantage. In a busy and crowded marketplace where different companies are vying for attention, a strong brand helps your business to stand out and be recognised by your customers. more details check our portfolio

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Start-up Businesses

If you are looking to get your business off the ground, we can start from scratch and design everything you need to make those challenging early stages, well… a little less challenging.

  • + Brand Strategy
  • + Brand Identity Design
  • + Brand Architecture
  • + Brand Guidelines
  • + Brand Immersions & Discovery
  • + Communication Strategy
  • + Copywriting
  • + Research and Analysis
  • + Tone of Voice

Appraisals/Corporate Identity Consultancy

Our expert designers will review your current corporate identity, and give unrivalled advice on where to go next to take your business to a higher level.

Branding Strategies

Developing a strategy with us is the best way to ensure long-term success for your organization, and our designers are adept in generating a plan of action.

Creative Concepts

Graphic design is constantly evolving, so if you have something creative lined up but don’t have the resources to see it through to completion, Macaws Qatar has the knowledge and skills to produce creative projects of the highest standard.


Every business needs a refresh now and again, we’re here to tap into your brand potential and make sure you shine in front of your customers. With one of Macaws Qatar’s dedicated designers, we will assess your current designs and give them a new lease of life, powering your business forward.

Logo Design/Corporate Identity Design

Logo design and corporate identity are one of the most important pieces of graphic design a company can need, so you must get experts in to create something special. P.S. That’s us!

Corporate Guidelines

The rule book of your designs. Corporate, or brand guidelines are essential for larger businesses and organizations who are looking to create consistency throughout departments.

Organizational Branding Assets

Brand assets are what set your business apart from the competition. Allow us to design the perfect way to help you stand out from the crowd.

Why Macaws is Best Branding Agency in Qatar?

Our team of branding professionals are true subject matter experts in rebrands, with broad cross-sector experience in branding for start-ups through to blue-chips. We offer a full-service in-house creative department with the skills and expertise you need to develop and roll out every aspect of your new brand.

Our branding team will work your business through every element of the brand development process, engaging with your decision-makers to establish your corporate identity, values and the intricate customer experience. They will carry out market research to establish your competitors before assessing your brand position and strategic development needs.

5 reason to hire a professional logo designer in Qatar

Faultless Brand Design and Delivery

Leave everything up to us. We produce logo design options and accompanying creative elements that will define your whole visual identity – including typography, images, copy styles, graphic devices and colour palettes.

Once approved, we then produce your new branding in all formats, for printers, web developers and your staff to use successfully.

To ensure successful application of your new brand design, we also design your new corporate guidelines to guarantee ongoing consistency and solidify your business’ core values to every stakeholder, ensuring they can successfully use and engage with it.